A Deep Dive into Jetpack Compose

To kick off 2022 with a bang we invited two popular speakers and renowned Android experts. Both Thomas and Nick have been our guests before and we are thrilled to have them back for some fresh insights into Jetpack Compose.

Feb 24, 2022, 4:00 – 6:00 PM


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0. Intro & Welcome

1. Custom design systems in Compose - Nick Rout

While Material Design is Google's recommended design system and Jetpack Compose ships an implementation of Material, you aren't forced to use it. Compose Material is built entirely on public APIs, so it’s possible to create your own design system in the same manner. This talk will cover different approaches — extending MaterialTheme, replacing one or more Material systems, and implementing a fully-custom design system.

2. Make your Compose UI foldable - Thomas Künneth

Foldable devices are a relatively young device category. They made quite a buzz from the start. In the beginning, because they were not very robust. 🤣 Now, because they ARE robust enough for daily usage. And they make large screens pocketable.
This talk shows you how to make beautiful user interfaces that work well on smartphones, tablets, and foldables using Jetpack Compose and Jetpack WindowManager.

3. Discussion 

Our own Jetpack Compose experts Ahmed Tikiwa and Maia Gotepass are going to join the speakers on stage. Bring your hardest questions or just hang around to chat. 

4. Good-byes

This event is sponsored by our friends at Peach Payments.


  • Nick Rout


    Android Developer Relations Engineer

  • Thomas Künneth


    Head of Mobile


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