Flutter Bootcamp - Day 2 Study Jam

About this event

Flutter BootCamp is a series of study Jams which are Community-run study groups.
Participants will learn how to use Flutter to develop high-quality, interactive mobile applications for iOS and Android devices and at the end each attendee must deliver a graduation project to receive the flutter attendance certificate.
This bootcamp aims to prepare the attendees for the flutter market within 4 sessions.

Who can attend? 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Flutter Study Jam is suited best for:
1) those just getting started with mobile app development.
2) those with programming experience on other mobile app frameworks.

Agenda of Day 2
12:00 - 12:15 - > Registration
12:15 - 02:15 - > build screens for our App
02:15 - 02:45 - > Break
02:45 - 04:45 - > Navigate and finish Design screen
04:45 - 05:00 - > Closing

Registration is open now at
https://forms.gle/2GxgN29y8XpW7Nhw9 👈

*** Registration will be closed September 5th and confirmation emails will be sent same day at night.

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