Google IO Extended 2019 Buea - Going mobile

GDG Buea
Aug 16 - 17, 2019, 9:00 AM (WAT)

About this event

The Google I/O Extended Buea 2019 event is a two-days-long event ( View Party, Flutter Hackintro, Kotlin hackintro and digital skills aquisition ) aimed at getting tech enthusiasts, students, developers and entrepreneurs from GDG Buea and its environs to learn and gain hand-on experience using Google's technologies.

We will have focus on Flutter, Kotlin and PWA as well as understand the critical place of UX/UI design in software development.

During the View Party, we'll watch the Google I/O 2019 videos to learn what’s new in Android, Cloud, Tensorflow, Firebase and PWA. The HackSessions will be the point where developers experience hands-on Codelab sessions on the aforementioned technologies while the Creative Day will be a day for the audience to learn the critical place of UI/UX design in software design.

Come with your laptops charged (with chargers of course :) ) ready to code and get skilled in mobile app development.

Special guest INTRODUCTION TO GAME DEVELOPMENT WITH UNREAL ENGINE; "...many people don't know that game development can be a real job, and they don't know how many game studios are in Cameroon. I'm going ...'

NB: Mount fako ecoutourism hall is located adjesent to Fakoship plaza, Buea town, just around Turborg junction.