Google Cloud, IoT and Machine Learning....without a PhD

GDG Budapest
Thu, Oct 31, 2019, 6:00 PM (CET)

About this event

Dear Everyone!

✨ We are happy to announce the first joint meetup organized by GDG Budapest & GDG Cloud Budapest together. ✨

### Speakers ###

- Gus Class - Google, USA
- Arpad Jorzsits - IT Services Hungary, GDG Cloud Budapest
- Zsigmond P. Toth - Enoventum Labs, GDG Budapest, DevFest Budapest

We will start at 18:30, doors will be opened at 18:00.

### Agenda ###

- Welcome by the organizers - Arpad Jorzsits
- DevFest Budapest conference updates - Zsigmond P.Toth
- Machine Learning from IoT Class devices.... without a PhD - Gus Class
- Break & Networking
- IoT Study Jam - Hands-on training in the real GCP environment
- Networking

### Details of the presentations ###

Machine Learning from IoT Class devices.... without a PhD
Speaker: Gus Class, Google, USA

In this talk, you will learn how to collect images from IoT-class devices and classify the image data on Google Cloud using the Machine Learning API.
We'll start by connecting a device to Google Cloud using IoT Core, will show you how to classify images of a switch using the Vision API, and will store the classifications in Cloud SQL.
At the conclusion of the talk you will have a starting point for using Machine Learning from IoT-class devices to warehouse classified data.

DevFest Budapest conference updates
Speaker: Zsigmond P.Toth, GDG Budapest

In this talk you will learn about the DevFest conference series and details of the upcoming DevFest Budapest event.

IoT Study Jam - Hands-on training
Labs will be led by Gus Class with assistance of local experts

Together we'll work through a couple of Google Cloud labs provided by Qwiklabs ( )
You will get official Google training, a $55+ value, free of charge.
Then after our live session, you will have 1 MONTH FREE ACCESS to the Qwiklabs platform where you can complete additional labs.
By completing Qwiklabs hands-on labs you will get hands-on experience with the Cloud Console, Kubernetes, Security, IoT on Cloud, and Machine Learning.
If you continue your quest at home and you do well, you will get a 2ND FREE MONTH of Qwiklabs.

Don't forget to bring your laptops and chargers! If you don't have any you can pair up with someone or just watch the demos.

### Speakers' bio ###

Gus Class, Staff Developer Programs Engineer at Google, USA.

Gus works on IoT at Google and previously contributed to Google+, Cardboard, Tango, Games, and Identity products at Google. He worked on the tablet and touch features of Microsoft Windows in a previous life.

Arpad Jorzsits - Head of Public Cloud and IoT Hungary at T-Systems International (IT Services Hungary), GDG Cloud Budapest organizer

Arpad is the Head of Public Cloud and IoT Hungary. He leads a unit of 200+ talented people who support 2 Portfolio Units of T-Systems International: Public Cloud and Internet of Things.
He is founder and organizer of the Hungarian communities of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Zsigmond P. Toth - GDG Budapest, DevFest Budapest organizer

Zsigmond works for Enoventm Labs as Network Architect. He is organizer of the GDG Budapest meetp group and the DevFest Budapest event.

The event will be held at IT Services Hungary, Tóth Kálmán u. 2., Conference Room B0-38.
Drinks & snacks & coffee will be provided.


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