UX Tools for Mobile Apps

GDG Bucharest
Tue, Feb 7, 2017, 7:00 PM (EET)

About this event

La multi ani to all of you hackers out there! We suggest this first meeting for 2017 to discuss various tools for designing, prototyping and validating mobile apps. The lean startup, "release early release often" methodology has been with us for several years but now it’s all about validating ideas before building them, using high fidelity prototypes and tweaking that great user experience.

A huge number of tools exist out there for various stages of the design process, and some of them have been adopted not only by designers, but also by developers, as a common language.

Do you want to build a product in 2017? Hopefully we’ll get together on track with this meeting.


• Sketch, Pixate, Origami & tools that connect developers & designers better. 

Tools for Micro UX or Macro UX compared

Crowdsourced tips & tricks (tell us about your design process or your favourite tools)

• "Prototyping Mindset, Tools and Demos" - Nelson Vasconcelos, GDE UX (live through Hangouts)

Nelson is a passionate UI/UX Designer currently leading the mobile design at Youse, the largest brazilian insurtech. Google UI/UX Expert and Design Sprint Master, speaks for startups and developers about UX, Material Design and Design Sprint.

• Carmen Ruse, Adobe - Designing the next design tools

Carmen is going to talk to us about the design process behind building one of Adobe's new design tools.

Carmen went from architecture to the User Experience Design field, guided by the passion to create products that people value. She is currently one of the designers building Adobe Experience Design, the newest design and prototyping tool build for UX professionals.