Summer Daydreaming - Intro to VR

GDG Bucharest
Tue, Aug 23, 2016, 7:00 PM (EEST)

About this event

There has been an explosion of news on Virtual and Augmented Reality in the past year, with many devices and products being launched each week. In this meetup we’re going to take a deeper dive into Google’s stack for VR: Daydream, and we’re going to look at it from a technical as well as a conceptual/psychological/UX point of view.

Join us for this one on Tuesday, Aug 23rd, on the usual playground at TechHub.


• "Daydream - Google VR  |  Build a simple VR experience with Unity3D” - Ovidiu Gheorghe, Ubisoft

Ovidiu Gheorghe is a VR Producer for Ubisoft here in Romania and he’s going to talk about the lessons his team learned while developing for Daydream, the tools they use in their creative process and why they use it. You’re going to see some live action as Ovidiu is taking us through their VR build process and maybe get a chance to play with a Daydream dev kit.

• “AR/VR and what it takes to design for human interaction” - Catalina Banuleasa, Tudor Juravlea

Besides scene rendering and audio latency, VR brings us a whole new set of issues regarding the user experience or the sense of immersion, which we’re going to address in this talk.

Catalina and Tudor are long time members of our community and have a rich experience in designing the user experience for various types of digital products. Cătălina is the User Experience Architect behind ING's Home'Bank internet and mobile banking platform. Tudor has had an important role in innovative projects (mobile, web, IoT) launched by big companies in Romania such as Orange, ING, Vodafone or E.ON. Both of them are also often mentoring startups and entrepreneurs on UX and they have recently started as UX Trainers for Scoala Informala de IT.