ReactiveX in Action

GDG Bucharest
Wed, Feb 3, 2016, 7:00 PM (EET)

About this event

If you haven’t heard about ReactiveX by now, this meeting is the perfect opportunity to find all about it. No matter what programming language you’re using and no matter whether you are a front-end / back-end / web / mobile / desktop developer, this new way of writing code will make your programming life much easier.


“ReactiveX Basics” - Catalin Morosan

Catalin will give a broad overview of the main ReactiveX principles and concepts, independent of any particular programming language.

“ RxJava & RxAndroid -  Bringing ReactiveX to Android” - Cosmin Stefan-Dobrin

Cosmin will provide a quick introduction to using ReactiveX in Android development and will cover a few use-cases, showing how the paradigm can make app development easier and cleaner.  

“ReactiveX in the .NET world” - Costin Manda

Costin will showcase a dictionary lookup application comparing the standard coding approach to the ReactiveX approach.

This event will take place at Impact Hub, near Unirii.