IoT Things

GDG Bucharest
Wed, Apr 5, 2017, 7:00 PM (EEST)

About this event

Hello hackers, we’ve prepared a series of IoT related events! There are lots of things happening in this space: new products, new platforms and new APIs. We’re hoping that through these events you’ll be able to develop new exciting products and continue to innovate.

Join us for this meetup in the new PRECIS building of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, University Politehnica Bucharest.


• Rafaela Voiculescu - Senior Software Engineer, Fitbit

Rafaela has been trying the newly launched Android Things platform from Google. She will present an overview of Google's take on operating systems for low power IoT devices and the opportunities it brings.

• Bogdan Doinea - IoT Systems Engineer, Cisco

Join Bogdan in a session open to anyone interested in understanding the market, technical architectures, standards and entrepreneurship opportunities. The term "IoT" suffered from a lot of buzzwording, but it also produced important technological movements in most major business ecosystems, from agriculture and smart city to oil&gas, smart grid and transportation. Bogdan's presentation lies between business and technical, analyzing architectures, from connecting industrial machinery to the network, wireless sensor networks and edge storage to AEP platforms and real-time analysis, identifying key players at each step. The beauty of IoT is that it is such a vast field that it needs the collaboration of different companies with different technologies in order to produce a business outcome.

• Andrei Voinescu - CTO, Woogie

Aliens by Daria is romanian hardware startup building Woogie, a voice-activated AI-based learning companion for kids. Andrei will give us a look into what it means to build a voice-activated IoT device with a strong network connection.