IoT - The hardware revolution

GDG Bucharest
Thu, Apr 7, 2016, 7:00 PM (EEST)

About this event

We can see a lot of innovation in Embedded Systems these days, from startups and big players alike. On a marked filled with awesome sensors, smart hubs and powerful hardware platforms Google is expected to deliver Brillo, it's IoT operating system that was announced last year. 

We finally take on this rich subject at a new GDG Bucharest meetup, at TechHub, on April 7th at 19:00.


• "Wireless Sensor Networks - Oportunities and Applications" - Dan Tudose

During the last decades, technology has enabled computing devices to become smaller and more specialised, which let an ever increasing number of systems that interact, improve and integrate in our everyday lives. A whole range of context aware applications has emerged which integrate the digital and physical worlds. Wireless Sensor Networks are the key to the new "ubiquitous computing" paradigm and should represent a new revolution in computer science, like the mainframes and the PCs were before them.

Dan holds a PhD in Computer Science and is the founder and coordinator Embedded Systems Laboratory and RoboLab from the Computer Science Faculty. He's passioned about everything related to hardware, embedded systems and robotics.

• "Open Hardware" - Rupert Whitehead (live on Hangout)

Rupert is a Developer Relations regional lead for UK and Ireland at Google. Prior to Google he worked at Nokia and Symbian before that (on the very first smartphones).

• "Brillo with Intel" - Andrei Dinu

Andrei is a Software Engineer working in the Brillo OS team in Intel. He's passionate about IOT and embedded systems, with experience on various operating systems. In his presentation he will showcase some of the solutions that can be built with Brillo.