Build your AI/ML startup on Google Cloud

Emblem, 187 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, 11206

GDG BK learns how to build AI startups with Cloud + Sign-up for April hackathon

Mar 27, 11:00 PM – Mar 28, 2:12 AM


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Build with AIDuet AI

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Part I
Join us as we reveal Google Cloud's valuable asset – a suite of AI/ML tools tailor-made for startups like yours. Get ready to ditch the technical hurdles and embrace a platform that streamlines the ML journey, offers cost-effective resources, and unlocks access to cutting-edge technology. This is your chance to push the boundaries and propel your startup to new heights with the power of AI/ML.

Speaker: Kubra Zengin, Program Manager, Google
Guest: Komal Sandhu, Developer Relations, Google

Part II
Attendees will sign-up and meet friends to plan teams for Google's Build with AI hackathon in April


Food and drinks will be purchased at the venue. Outside food is not allowed. Recommend budgeting $15 for dinner.


This event is run by volunteers. All volunteers are unpaid and volunteer their time and efforts to create a community event. There are no paid tickets for this event. 

6:00 PM Organizers arrive and setup, folks can arrive early to hang and grab tables
7:00 PM First Speaker Google Team
7:30PM Second Speaker Sydney Lai on prototyping with Vertex AI

8:00PM Idea pitches

8:30PM Team Formations



March 27 – 28, 2024
11:00 PM – 2:12 AM UTC


  • Sydney Lai

    Developer Advocate


  • Sydney Lai

    AI integrations

    GDG Organizer

  • David Silva


    Sr software engineer

  • Carolina Castro


  • Zach Munro

    DecisionPoint by mPulse

    Lead Software Engineer

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