Xamarin Tour

GDG Boston Android
Wed, Feb 27, 2019, 6:30 PM (EST)

About this event

Do you want to learn something new? Here's a chance to hang out in the super cool NERD Center, eat pizza and network with other mobile technologists.

Xamarin.Forms: Cross-platform app development for Android and iOS

Java and Kotlin are elegant and powerful languages, but what if you're asked to "do an iOS version"? Now you dive into the Apple docs on Objective-C, and you're stuck with two apps, doing everything twice. Forever and ever...

Why not use cross-platform development tools. Leverage Xamarin.Forms to build iOS and Android apps creating a single code base with a cross-platform approach. Using Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, and XAML, you can get up to 99% code reuse! Code first for Android, make a few tweaks for iOS, and the maintenance on both platforms is a breeze!

Join Dan Hermes President, Microsoft Regional Director (RD) and Xamarin MVP for Lexicon Systems to celebrate the release of his second Apress book on mobile development, "Building Xamarin Forms Mobile Apps Using XAML." Dan is joined onstage by the Microsoft Program Manager for the Xamarin.Forms Developer experience, Maddy Leger. These talks are about cross-platform development for iOS and Android, and how you can use your Android skills with Xamarin.Forms.

Here's your ticket into the NERD Center for some mobile technologist fun. Get comfortable at the Microsoft venue with your very own GDG Boston Android group. Learn Microsoft technologies for mobile development. There are 2 talks and plenty of time for networking. It will be new and different, a night to remember.