Google I/O Recap - an evening of lightning talks

GDG Boston Android
Tue, Jul 18, 2017, 6:30 PM (EDT)

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It is that time of year, Google I/O lightning talks by the community. GDG Boston loves to give and listen to lightning talks. 6:30 PM Food and talk with new and old friends

7:00 PM Google I/O recap Introduction Steven Max Patterson and Kayak

7:05 PM Google I/O What it is like Intro and video montage - Amal Hussien and Jinn Kim 7:10 PM Google I/O compressed - all the announcements that matter - big and small

7:20 PM Lightning Talk - Advanced Interactivity with AMP - Praveen Aravamudham

AMP supports rich, dynamic content with UI components like image carousels and lightboxes. AMP also supports some simple ways for one component to trigger an action in another component via AMP Actions. In this talk, we will build a e-commerce product detail page to do the following:
- Use AMP HTML and AMP components to build a web page with a fast and rich user experience
- Use <amp-bind> to add cross-element interactivity
- Use <amp-state> to fetch additional product data on demand"

Lightning Talk - Firebase Cloud Functions - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Joe Lust

Tips and tricks on productionizing Cloud Function and overcoming their beta limitations based on I/O announcements and over 4 months of production experience.

Lightning Talk - Chrome Dev Tool Update - Amal Hussien Lightning Talk - Google's Expanded TensorFlow Ecosystem - Tom Morris

A whirlwind tour of the new components and capabilities which have been added to the TensorFlow ecosystem and which were showcased at Google I/O. With over 150 Google web and Android products using TensorFlow now, they've focused on meeting the complete life-cycle needs of production application developers, not just those who want to replicate toy MNIST digit recognition models.

Lightning Talk - Why Kotlin? Jinn Kim A brief overview of Kotlin and when to convince your organization to switch to it. Some of the major language features and some pros and cons of switching will be covered. Lightning Talk - Android Tools & Builds: Things that will break and things that will be faster - Clive Lee

Android Development Tools and Build system have really come into their own during the last couple years. Many new and exciting features were announced at this years I/O. Some of the most exciting new features will be covered in this talk.

Lightning Talk - New Daydream headset coming this fall - Steven Max Patterson

Google's Clay Bevor, head of the AR/VR group gave some big hints about what is coming in with the new Google Daydream headset. What this might mean developers.