App Masonry: How to Re-set a Fragile Architecture

GDG Boston Android
Wed, Sep 27, 2017, 6:00 PM (EDT)

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App Masonry: 

How to Re-set a Fragile Architecture

Every modern Android developer conference has a handful of sessions about the latest architectural trends and hot new tools in the ecosystem. But many of us are developers in a fast-paced workforce in which it’s difficult – sometimes, seemingly impossible – to step back and re-start your app with brand new architectural insight. In this talk, I’ll discuss strategies that have allowed us at LevelUp to use the newest & coolest tech, without compromising our core values of maintaining well-written, stable code.


Joe Mahon 

Joe’s been in the Boston tech industry since graduating from BC, where he left school as an iOS developer. Shortly after joining the workforce, he realized his crucial mistake and learned how to develop for Android instead. Fast forward to now, and Joe leads the team building LevelUp’s main consumer app, and has given talks at events like Mobile Tea, Google Developer Group meetups, and DroidCon Boston. Since joining LevelUp, he’s been a part of large migrations in the Android codebase, including the introduction of MVP architecture, Retrofit, Dagger, Kotlin, and most recently, a subtle transition to an MVVM architecture.