Android Worldwide

GDG Boston Android
Tue, Jul 25, 9:15 AM (EDT)

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Here are the talks for the latest Android Worldwide day

  • Kotlin Multiplatform. Make your Android App Cross-Platform
    A talk by Anna Zharkova - Lead Mobile Developer at Usetech Company
  • Building Managers Over 3rd Party SDKs for Easy Access
    Anshul Khattar - Android Developer at Juno
  • Battle of the Titans: RxJava vs Kotlin Coroutines
    Ivan Dimitrov - Android Developer at Devexperts
  • Impact of Framework Choice on your Application: A Reverse Engineering Perspective
    Ruben Pieters - Compiler Engineer
  • Building Accessible Apps with Jetpack Compose
    Karol Wrótniak - Mobile Developer, Droids On Roids
  • Six Things ViewBinding Teaches Us
    Yauheni Slizh - Android Developer, Daresay by Knightec
  • JetPack Compose Performance Tips & Tricks
    Eury Pérez - Principal Android Developer, Google Developer Expert in Android
  • Unveiling the Unseen Threat: Demystifying Memory Leaks in Android
    Yves Kalume - Android Developer, Android GDE
  • Blast Off: Managing Hundreds of UI Updates for Emoji Cannons
    Piotr Prus - Android Developer
  • Designing Jetpack Compose architecture for Gradual Migration from Fragments at Turo
    Pavlo Stavytskyi - Sr. Staff Software Engineer at Turo