Ramatech "Flutter clean Architecture "

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Apr 2 - 3, 10:00 AM (CET)

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About this event

During Ramadan, an online event focused on Flutter can be a great way to learn about the framework while observing the holy month's traditions. The event could be organized as a virtual workshop or a webinar that covers the essential aspects of Flutter and how to use it to build mobile apps.

The event can start with a brief introduction to Flutter and its architecture, followed by a demonstration of building a simple mobile application using Flutter. The event could also cover advanced topics like widget customization, state management, and best practices for mobile app development.

To make the event more engaging and interactive, there could be breakout sessions, where participants can work in groups and collaborate on building their Flutter projects. The event could also include a Q&A session to address participants' questions and concerns.

To respect Ramadan traditions, the event could be scheduled during non-prayer times, and participants could be encouraged to take breaks for iftar and prayer. Additionally, organizers can provide materials that discuss the connection between technology and Islam, and how mobile apps can help Muslims practice their faith during Ramadan.

Overall, an online event focused on Flutter during Ramadan can be an excellent opportunity for developers to learn about the framework while also celebrating the holy month's traditions


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