Android Study Jam 2022 Bhubaneswar (Workshop 1)

Silicon Institute of Technology - Silicon Hills, near DLF cybercity, Patia, Bhubaneswar, 751024 - View Map GDG Bhubaneswar
Sat, Sep 3, 2022, 2:30 PM (IST)

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About this event

This workshop is invite only. Please go through the following event requirements and then fill out the invitation form (link below).  

Equipments required for each attendee: 

1. Please bring your own laptop with Android Studio Installed. Follow the codelabs below to install and setup Android Studio in your system: 

    - Codelab 1: Download and Install Android Studio: 

    - Codelab 2: Setup Emulator to run Android app: 

2. Please bring your own internet hotspot. Using Android Studio requires an active internet connection. 

To request an invite, please fill in this form: 

Note: Fill out the invite form only if agree to install Android Studio and set up Emulator before coming to the event. 

Disclaimer: We at GDG Bhubaneswar take "No Show" very seriously. Once your seat is approved and you are unable to attend the event, you'll be added to the grey list and may face difficulty for your seat approval to attend our future events. So, please don't RSVP, if you are unable to attend this event. 

What is a Study Jam?

Study Jams are community-run study groups for developers on Google Developers content, on various product topics.

The objective of Study Jams is to raise the technical proficiency of our global community members through the highest possible course completion rate.

Why attend a Study Jam?

Study Jams are a great opportunity to join members of our community together to learn something in person. This training will give you a specific skill you can use for personal development or career advancement.

As a complement to large tech talks and viewing party events that you may already be attending, the Study Jams framework brings together a small group of our members who are interested in learning about the same topic.

What are Android Study Jams?

Android Study Jams are community-organized study groups for people to learn how to build Android apps, using the curriculum provided by Google.

Who can attend Android Study Jam?

Any developer having at least a beginner level of expertise in Android app development can attend Android Study Jam. 

How to register to attend Android Study Jam?

Android Study Jam 2022 Bhubaneswar is an invite-only workshop for members of GDG Bhubaneswar. We are looking for professional developers and student developers who have at least beginner-level expertise in Android app development. 

To request an invite, please fill in this form:

Note: Fill out the invite form only if agree to install Android Studio and set up Emulator before coming to event.


There will be two in-person workshops. In the first in-person workshop (this workshop), we will have some speaker sessions to understand the concept followed by a guided hands-on workshop. Then all the attendees need to complete other codelabs themselves over a couple of weeks. 1-2 hours is needed every day to complete these codelabs. After a couple of weeks, we will have another in-person workshop where we will have a couple of speaker sessions to complete the study jam. So, please register for this event only if you would like to commit to these requirements to complete the study jam. 



Saturday, Sep 3
2:30 PM - 5:30 PM (IST)


Silicon Institute of Technology
Silicon Hills, near DLF cybercity, Patia, Bhubaneswar751024


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