Android Track: Introduction to Android Programming (01)

GDG Bhopal
Sun, Jan 19, 2020, 9:30 AM (IST)

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About this event

At Google Developers Group Bhopal, we're getting started with our new initiative to develop the Bhopal Community further with support from our Community Volunteers and Resources provided to us, by Google and our Partners.

We're introducing Tracks to GDG Bhopal, as an effort to accelerate outcome-based learning.

This session is the first in many for every learner interested in the "Android Track", that will take place with Java and Kotlin.

The Android Track will cover a beginner's journey from creating their first app to distributing their app to Play Store.

We will cover the following topics through this journey:
01. Building Layouts
02. Making App Interactive
03. Intents and Activities
04. Data, Loops and Custom Classes
05. Audio and Libraries
06. Navigation Patterns Using Fragments
07. JSON Parsing
08. HTTP Networking (HttpUrlConnection class)
09. Threads and Parallelism (AsyncTask, Loaders and Shared Preferences)
10. Using SQLite
11. ContentProvider Class
12. Using a CursorAdapter and CursorLoader
13. Location API
14. Sensors
15. Distribution with Play Store

To get enrolled in the Android Track, please proceed to register on the form at and get registered now!



What are Tracks?

• Tracks are continuous sessions about a specific technology.
• The focus will be on learning the technology in-depth.
• The sessions will go on with specific topics.
• Each topic will have a real-life project tied to it, to learn practically.

How to register for Tracks?
• You'll register for our Track with the Google Form.
• Each Track stretches for about 6-8 sessions.
• You'll be informed when you're shortlisted, based on your application.
• If you're shortlisted, you can start attending all the sessions for the same.

What will happen in Tracks?

• The Trainer in each track will be a notable expert from the industry.
• The Learners in each track will be organized into Study Buddy groups, to help each other out.
• A Volunteer will be assigned to each Study Buddy group, who will keep track of your progress.
• A reference course will be given, to help you get back on par with other learners if you miss out on a session.
• Occasional Q&A sessions will take place to help you clear your doubts, and learn from more people from the industry.

What are the benefits of Tracks?

• Project and Outcome-based Learning from Industry Experts.
• Hiring Opportunities from IT Companies at the end of each track.
• Internship Opportunities from budding Startups and IT Companies at the end of each track.
• You can showcase your Project, to community guys, IT Companies and to Recruiters.
• You can participate in an exclusive Hackathon with Google Developers Group.
• Exclusive Swags and Resources from the Google Community.
• Opportunity to meet famed figures of the industry through your project.

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