[Remote] GDG Berlin 2020 May Meetup

GDG Berlin
Wed, May 6, 2020, 7:00 PM (CEST)

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HI everyone!

Welcome to GDG Berlin, this time we have 3 exciting talks from 3 amazing speakers!


Talk 1: Turning social media interactions into Webmentions by Lauro Silva (https://twitter.com/laurosilvacom)

A Webmention is an open standard for a reaction to something on the web. When you link to a website, you can send it a Webmention to notify it. Let's explore how we can automatically turn social media interactions into beautiful open Webmentions on our personal websites.


Lauro Silva is a Production Engineer at http://Egghead.io. He enjoys building thoughtful software and learning in public.


Talk 2: GraphQL Anti-Patterns: Schema design in resolver world by Vilva Athiban P B (https://twitter.com/vilvaathibanpb/)

GraphQL looks so simple with schema and resolvers. Though creating a schema looks as simple as writing types, in the resolver world, even small things might result in big performance overheads. This talk will explain few common Anti patterns developers do in schema design and on how to resolve those.


Vilva is a JavaScript developer and React/GraphQL enthusiast. He has a special interest over Developer Psychology and tries to contribute to the community in all possible ways. He is on a secret mission to make the browser a better and safe place to surf. When not coding, you can see him playing/listening to music near river-side.


Talk 3: Machine Learning on the Edge by SangeethaKP (https://twitter.com/sangee_kp)

The world is filled with billions of small, connected, intelligent and compute-efficient smart-phones. What if we can tap into this power and do more on the edge? It turns out, ML fits perfectly here. Let us explore the Firebase MLKit library to bake intelligence into mobile applications.


Sangeetha is a Software Developer Engineer with 4 years of experience building mobile applications such as Alexa Companion App, Amazon Shopping app. She is a Tech enthusiast and can be seen giving talks / workshops in universities/meetups in the United States.


We are looking forward to seeing you online! Stay healthy!

Jerome, Manjula, and Louis

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