[Remote] GDG Berlin 2020 July Meetup

Online event - GDG Berlin
Thu, Jul 16, 2020, 7:00 PM (CEST)

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Hello everyone, it's nice to see you! On July 16th, we are going to have 5 (yes, 5!) amazing speakers, to share with all of you some of the great technologies that allows them to build amazing things!

Note: The event will be recorded


"Improving DX with typeScript and Apollo" by Ryan Dsouza

We all love intellisense and code completion and TypeScript is great in that area. We will be exploring that how with the help of TypeScript and GraphQL Codegen, we can get the exact types we need for our GraphQL data in React using hooks.


"A few good stuff in TensorFlow Lite" by Sayak Paul

It's a no brainer that TensorFlow Lite is very useful for model optimization in general and thereby allowing us to make on-device machine learning as efficient and effective as possible. However, to be able to use TensorFlow Lite's latest APIs to the fullest one must be aware of many practical situations and how to tackle them. These situations include converting TensorFlow 1.x models using the latest TensorFlow Lite APIs, converting models such that they run optimally on mobile devices, and so on. In this session, we will be diving deep into practical situations like these and how to approach them.


"Upgrading your legacy code incrementally with codemods" by Vivek Nayyar

How many times has it happened that a new version of a library is released and some of the APIs have either been deprecated or been marked unsafe or at times removed completely. JavaScript itself changes over time as well and ideally you would want to adapt to the improvements made to the language.

The ongoing change is a challenge to web developers and in this talk we'll focus on how to use JavaScript itself to keep a codebase up to date by using the power of codemods.


"What's new in Cloud?" by Jerome Mouton

We will wrap the evening with our usual column on interesting latest updates from the Google Cloud Platform. We will focus on introducing the Google Cloud Next remote event that started a few days ago, and will run over the summer.


"Web for everyone" by Manjula Dube

With the growing community and great tutorials, it's fairly easy nowadays to start building web applications with React. However, the vital aspect of accessibility is often missing which leads to web applications creating exclusions. Nothing in React prevents us from building accessible web experiences, but we need to learn to harness its power in the right way while dealing with some unique challenges caused by creating web pages with JavaScript. This talk will focus on how to solve these issues in the context of React. It'll also emphasise why it is important to build accessible web apps. In the end I will also share some cool things that chrome dev tools provides you in order to make your web app more accessible.


As usual, this is going to be a remote event, and the links to join will be share on the day of the event. Looking forward for you to join us!


Thursday, Jul 16
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (CEST)


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