GDG Meetup: Microservice Deployment Pipelines with Spinnaker

GDG Berlin
Wed, Feb 3, 2016, 7:00 PM (CET)

About this event

Hello Google Developers and happy New Year!

Our first GDG Berlin event for 2016 will take place at the ImmobilienScout24, in their ScoutLounge, on Wednesday February 3rd evening.

Rick Buskens from Google New York is traveling in Europe for some conferences, and is making a stop at our GDG to meet the developer community and present about Microservice Deployment Pipelines with Spinnaker.

As organizations move to the Cloud, we’re seeing a new generation of DevOps best practices for safely and repeatably deploying microservice-based systems. Historically Netflix has rolled out deployments using an open-source tool called Asgard. Spinnaker – the successor of Asgard and an open-source project as well – is a complete reimplementation of its predecessor and heavily improved. It adopts a key best practice of immutable servers, lets users reason at the level of services and deployment strategies, and works across multiple cloud providers, including Google Cloud Platform. This unbeatable combination of capabilities prepares software so that you can confidently deploy your system to production at any time.

The talk introduces Spinnaker and the challenges it's trying to solve. We will also demonstrate an actual deployment workflow consisting of several Spinnaker pipelines.

See you there on Wednesday!