Spring Gophers

GDG Berlin Golang
Mon, Mar 20, 2017, 6:45 PM (CET)

About this event

Hello Gophers and happy spring!

If you'd like to give a talk - submit your proposals here.

If you'd like to suggest topics for the fishbowl session - submit your topic here.

You are also encouraged to talk to us via the Gophers slack at the #berlin channel.


18:30-19:15 Drinks, pizzas and networking

19:15-19:30 Welcome words from NewStore

19:30-20:00 Ways to do things / Peter Bourgon

Never start a goroutine without knowing how it will end! This mini-talk is about different ways to write autonomous components, and how to manage their lifecycles.

20:00-20:30 Announcements, HR lost and found and break

20:30-21:00 From ORM to LEFT OUTER JOIN - how we grew with Go / Jan-Oliver Pantel

Chronicling our (NewStore) journey learning Go and writing production ready code

21:00-end Networking

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