Movember Golang meetup

GDG Berlin Golang
Tue, Nov 6, 2018, 7:00 PM (CET)

About this event

Hello Gophers,
Movember is here and it brings the rain with it.
Let's talk some Go, maybe it will last forever?

If you'd like to give a talk - submit your proposals here:

If you'd like to suggest topics for the fishbowl session - submit your topic here:

If you have more ideas - talk to us at the Gophers slack: in the #berlin channel, and follow us on twitter:


18:45-19:15 Networking over drinks and pizza

19:15-19:30 Welcome words

19:30-20:00 Build your First Blockchain Application with Cosmos / Alexander Simmerl
With basic Go knowledge we are going to build a fully functioning Blockchain application, no special skills required. Follow along with examples and do try this at home!

20:00-20:30 Announcements, HR lost & found, break

20:30-21:00 Building Concurrent TCP Servers for Testing / Ronna Steinberg

21:00-end Networking


Alex Simmerl | @xla
Distributed systems at Cosmos/Tendermint, formerly SoundCloud.

Ronna Steinberg | @ronnax
Ronna has been a software engineer for the past 15 years, leads the Berlin chapter of Women Who Go and offers free mentorships to women and gender minorities. A happy feminist who advocates that coding is for everyone.

ABOUT Tendermint | @tendermint_team

The Tendermint open-source project began in 2014 originating from the idea that a distributed consensus mechanism can create a reliable system from unreliable, or unverified parts. The project originally started to address the speed, scalability, and environmental issues associated with Bitcoin. The Tendermint team tackled these cryptocurrency problems using Byzantine Fault Tolerance based “Proof of Stake” to gain consensus and securely maintain the validation of blockchains. A blockchain is formed by a community, or validators, who have the most “stake” in the game. A validators investment and reputation, their stake, are a surety to the validity and security of a blockchain. Tendermint was commissioned by the Interchain Foundation to develop the Cosmos Network, to address the Cambrian explosion of blockchain applications.

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