Berlindroid Lounge - 10 Year Anniversary

GDG Berlin Android
Sat, Mar 2, 2019, 8:00 PM (CET)

About this event

What is known today as Berlindroid meetup started as "Android Stammtisch" on 25 February 2009. That is (or soon will be) 10 years ago. And we've been at it since then. That's 10 years of Android meetups!
Let's meet on board of c-base, our favorite space station, to celebrate… ourselves, Berlin's Android developer community.

We will use this opportunity to not only reflect on 10 years of history of the local Android community, but also on the history of Android itself. We'll do this in the form of a small Android device exhibition. If you still own some old, rare, or otherwise exciting Android devices please bring them. But give us a heads-up using this form:

We're grateful to all companies that have hosted one of our meetups or sponsored one of our events in the past. A special thanks, however, goes to the following companies that have supported us in the past and are also sponsoring this 10 year anniversary party (in alphabetic order):
- Contentful (
- Evenly (
- Karlmax (

Thanks to these sponsors there will be free drinks and cake.