Berlindroid - Android Developer Meetup

GDG Berlin Android
Wed, Aug 28, 2019, 7:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

The oldest Android developer meetup in town 🤘


This month we'll have two awesome speakers, as follows:

Nelson Osacky: Dagger Reflect

Back in the day Java dependency injection frameworks were purely runtime based like Spring and Guava. Dagger 1 introduced a compile time component as well as compile time safety and Dagger 2 took the concept even further. Now we’re going back to runtime with Dagger Reflect in an effort to improve local developer build speeds.

This talk will cover the reasons for building Dagger Reflect, how it works under the hood, how to use it in your project as well as how it is developed.


Miquel Beltran: About vim and using IdeaVim in Android Studio

Vim, created 27 years ago, is still one of the most popular text editors for developers. Its major attractive is modal editing: switch from editing text to running commands with a keypress. This allows for precise declarative editing, resting your hands in the keyboard, without having to reach out your mouse. Thanks to IdeaVim, we Android developers can also enjoy modal editing in Android Studio.

In this talk, I will introduce you to Vim and modal editing. You will learn the basic actions, cursor movements, how to configure IdeaVim for your needs, and some of the tricks that helped me learn and fall in love with it. I will teach you to adopt Vim as your command line editor, for things like editing git commits and quickly changing configuration files.


And, as usual, make sure you bring your good vibes! We'll hang out before, between and after the talks, so come join us for a couple of drinks and chats.