Android Developer Meetup - May 2016

GDG Berlin Android
Wed, May 25, 2016, 7:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

This month's Android developer meetup is just one week after Google's developer conference Google I/O. And we have interesting things in store for you.

In case you missed it at droidcon Zagreb, now is your chance to listen to Florina Muntenescu's talk titled MVVM & RxJava - The Perfect Mix.

"Since the Model-View-Presenter pattern and RxJava have been adopted more and more in the Android community, the Model-View-ViewModel pattern emerged as a natural extension combining the benefits of these two concepts. Simple code snippets will be used to explain MVVM implementation and testing and showcase the advantages over MVP. Engineering war stories along with our lessons learned will be shared so you can avoid the mistakes we have made. I will also give you our answer for: is Rx a remedy for all ills and difficulties in every codebase or can the medicine have unforeseen adverse effects?"

Instead of a second presentation, we'd like to get a discussion going about the hottest new Android-related things announced at Google I/O. Audience participation is highly welcome :)

As always there will be plenty of time to socialize and enjoy cold beverages. See you there!