Android Developer Meetup

GDG Berlin Android
Wed, Jun 28, 2017, 7:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

It's time again to meet fellow Android developers. We will have two presenters from our community. If you want to present a lighting talk, feel free to approach one of the organizers. Or use the possibility to raise your voice on our flea market. 

The first presenter will be Danny Preussler with The new ViewModel: a deep dive


Google announced at I/O Architecture Components - a set of libraries whose role is to improve the way we architect apps. One of the components is the ViewModel. Let’s look deeper than the usual “Hello, World” sample apps, to better understand how the ViewModel is working, how it’s implemented under the hood and if (and how) we can customize it.

Our second presenter will be Leandro Favarin with Don’t fear SQL: A better way to store and handle data with SQLBrite & SQLDelight.


In this talk he will present the reactive mindset behind SQLBrite and the code-generation capabilities of SQLDelight. When combined, these two libraries will help you architect and code safer and faster with queries autocompletion, code reuse, and much more.

We found a fresh new company, which want to host us. It is Evenly. Evenly is a mobile development agency focusing on high-quality apps for iOS and Android. They build apps for clients like ARTE, Berlin Philharmonics, funk, Grammofy, BVB and HSV.

Unfortunately, we had to limit the number of attendees. So please update your RSVP, if you can't join us anymore.