Getting started with Flutter

GDG Bergen
Wed, May 29, 2019, 5:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

We are so lucky that we are getting Jairzinno Henriquez to visit us and talk about Flutter. He works as a Mobile Consultant and has experience with using Flutter in customer projects. He is also organizer of GDG Netherlands.

He will give us an introduction to Flutter for the first part of the talk and then give us an overview on how Flutter manages state.

Abstract for the topics:

Introducing Flutter
Flutter is Google's framework for building beautiful multiple platform apps built with the Dart language. Built as native apps on Android and iOS these apps don't only have the possibility to look great, they also run smoothly. During this talk we'll look at what makes a Flutter app and have an introduction to the Dart language.

Flutter state management and Firebase
Flutter allows you to build beautiful apps with great UI. But any serious app will have to manage state and it's business logic and connect with a backend.
Firebase is a great platform for supporting your apps. During this talk we'll look at how you can connect your Flutter app to Firebase and how you can manage your state and business logic.

17:30 - Doors open/Food
18:00 - Introducing Flutter
18:45 - Break
19:00 - Flutter state management and Firebase
20:00 - Beer time!

Hope to see you all there!