Bulder Bank: The backend

GDG Bergen
Tue, Dec 10, 2019, 6:00 PM (CET)

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Welcome to the Bulder Bank: backend-meetup

17:30 Meet at Apparat AS
18:00 Food
18:30 Cloud architecture
19:30 Small break
19:40 Backend architecture
20:40 Done!

A year ago Sparebanken Vest launched the news that they were going to
develop a pure next-generation, app-based bank. This was the inception for Bulder Bank which launched just a few weeks ago in late October 2019.

Bulder Bank is built on the premise of being helpful and attentive to the user and her experience with a rapid and responsive flow in the app. This requires us to eliminate as many loaders, spinners, lags and snags as possible. And why shouldn't you be able to perform a payment while you're offline, and have it automatically execute when you're online again.

This, and more, is the reason for why we've built an event-based, asynchronous micro-service architecture as our backend.

Everything is written in Go og runs in Kubernetes in Google Cloud. The bank is completely cloud native, and built to be run in the cloud from day 0.

The choice landed on Google Cloud for two primary reasons; Firebase a set of mobile backend technologies which makes it super easy and efficient to get up and running with native mobile applications and Google Kubernetes Engine which we felt was the best abstraction for running our backend services. This is our story on how we delivered Bulder Bank in the Cloud.

Hans Kristian Flaatten from EVRY will go through the cloud architecture, and Eirik Årdal from Apparat will explain the backend architecture.

Well met!