Build Actions for your Community - Building conversational chatbots

GDG Bergen
Wed, Apr 18, 2018, 5:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

Welcome to meetup about Google on Action and Dialogflow in collaboration with NCE Media! This meetup will be in the Media Lab in tower 3 on 9th floor.

The entrance to tower 3 is located at the other end of the building from the main entrance – after passing the restaurant area. There you will be met by someone from NCE Media/GDG who can let you into the secured zone. Arriving after 17:10 there is a number on the door you can call to have someone come and let you in.

In the first part, Hans Petter will give you an overview of how to create apps for Google Assistant (and more!) using Dialogflow ( and Actions on Google (

Topics to be covered:
- What it is and why it matters
- Making the move from graphical user interfaces (GUI) to conversational user interfaces (CUI)
- Doing intent matching and entity extraction in Dialogflow
- Tying Dialogflow to an external data source
- Tying Dialogflow to Actions on Google
- Publishing your Actions on Google app

In the second part we’ll use what we learned in the first part to build an Assistant app.

About Hans Petter Eide:
Hans Petter is a freelance developer living in Oslo. He’s currently hired by NRK, where he’s working on the NRK Super childrens app for Android, and have previously worked with clients like Urban Sharing (Oslo City Bike, Bergen City Bike..), Cisco and FINN.

There will be pizza served at 17:00 and the lecture will start at 17:30.

Please let us know if you have any food intolerances.