IWD Benin 2019 (International Women's Day, Benin City).

GDG Benin
Sat, Apr 27, 2019, 10:00 AM (WAT)

About this event

International Women's Day event is organized with the aim of recognizing and celebrating women who have made note-worthy achievements and are excelling their Chosen Tech Careers.

Our focus would be on imparting attendees with workable knowledge on Google technologies. Learning would be geared towards computational thinking and Actions on Google (AoG)

Features of the event:
Exciting speaker sessions
Fireside chats
Code labs
Networking and lots more.

Actions on Google (codeathon)

Teams of 3-6 people consisting of beginners, intermediates or experts in tech, each contributing to the victory of their teams. There would be a general task that spans content development, programming and pitching. Each team would be required to work on the given task using the skillet aforementioned.