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This session is about Game Development and one of our known events, Dev Talk.

Aug 28, 2023, 2:30 – 5:00 PM


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Career Development

About this event

This session is about Game Development where the topics are as follows:

1. Understanding the Essence of Games: What Defines a Game?

2. Nostalgia Unveiled: My First Gaming Experience

3. Exploring Gaming Delight: The Allure of Favorite Games

4. Decoding Rewards: The Psychology of Player Attachment

5. Crafting Clear Objectives: The Heart of Game Development

6. Diving Deep: Contrasting Competitive and Casual Games

7. Rising to the Challenge: The World of Competitive Gaming

8. Unwinding Entertainment: The Appeal of Casual Games

9. Summing It Up: Key Takeaways from the Game Session

10. Balancing Act: The Importance of Breaks in Gaming

11. Blueprint to Creation: Essential Components for Crafting Games

12. Tools of the Trade: Navigating Game Development Software

13. Building Blocks of Fun: Mastering Basic Game Mechanics

14. Designing Imaginary Souls: The Art and Role of Character Design

15. Shaping Virtual Realities: The Intricacies of Level Design

16. Sonic Storytelling: The Impact and Craft of Sound Design

17. From Concept to Perfection: Testing the Game Development Waters

18. Ready, Set, Launch: Navigating the Game Marketing Landscape

19. From Spark to Inferno: Igniting Success for Your Game

20. Gateway to Dreams: Paving Your Path into Game Development


  • Yousef Mansour

    Google Developers Community

    GDG - Graphic Designer

  • Muftah Ashraf


  • Hashem Buzer

    Leader and Project Manager

  • Eslam Elburjo


  • Abdulrahman Eljazwi

    Graphic Designer

  • taha Tarbah


  • Heba Benshatwan

    Social Media Manager

  • Mohamed Ganaway


  • Islam Elberkawi

    Photographer & Video Editor

  • Mohamed Alsaee

    Flutter Developer

  • Rayan Aldenna

    Content writer

  • Osama Elboury


  • Maysam Benghuzzi

    Project Manager

  • sara shemisa

    Media Marketing

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