Lightning Talks with Tableau, OfferUp, MetaBrite and MSR

GDG Bellevue
Thu, Apr 28, 2016, 6:00 PM (PDT)

About this event

Designing Dashboards for Mobile Devices by Tatyana Yakushev

The challenge of designing a dashboard for mobile BI users is providing relevant content that is easily processed on a mobile device. Limited screen size of a smartphone doesn’t lend itself to in-depth analysis. Couple this with the fact that many mobile users won't even be sitting down when they access their dashboards and it becomes apparent that certain types of data just won't be monitored on mobile devices.  How should you approach designing a dashboard for mobile devices? What information should you show? What are the common mistakes people make when designing a mobile dashboard? Join us to learn about it.

Tatyana Yakushev is a 16-year veteran in software engineering. Currently she works in a mobile division at Tableau Software. Previously she has worked on user interfaces for business intelligence and machine learning software at Microsoft and Predixion.

Android UI Testing by Yenchi Lin

Do you test on Android? Yenchi will share with you how to  bootstrapp your existing app with simple UI functional test to get the most preliminary coverage in place and ready to add more tests.

Yenchi Lin - Android developer since 2009, mainly worked on consumer facing apps.  Joined MetaBrite in late 2014 and worked on their CookBrite app, an app developed with TDD principle.  

Reactive Programming by Wilson Burhan

The Reactive Extensions were started at Microsoft for .NET, but now have been ported to Java by Netflix! They were designed to easily and reliably model data in motion as streams that can be combined, filtered and queried. In this talk I will introduce why reactive programming is a fantastic idea and how it can benefit not only your Android applications, but the way you program as well.

Wilson Burhan is a UW graduate working on Android development professionally for about 1.5 years at OfferUp. Prior to that, he was a .NET developer for 1.5 years at a financial investment firm.

Cognitive Services by Delong Fu

What is Cognitive Services? It’s a set of REST API of award winning artificial intelligence algorithms that Microsoft is providing to developers of all kinds (with or without knowledge of AI). We believe in democratizing AI and allow developers to make their apps more human and intuitive. Delong will give an overview of the services and show you how to get started integrating these services with your Android apps.

Delong Fu is a Software Developer Engineer at Microsoft research on the Microsoft Cognitive Services team.


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• 6:30 - 7:30PM lightning talks

• 8:00PM meetup ends


Offerup is located Bellefield office park Woodridge Building.

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