Machine learning on Google Cloud

GDG Belfast
Thu, Aug 1, 2019, 5:00 PM (BST)

About this event

This workshop will cover from beginners to in-depth content on Machine Learning on Google Cloud.
Starting from an introductory level, we will be advancing in difficulty with the succeeding
sessions. Attendees will be able to take training material home and continue from there with

This is a 4 hour training starting from 5 pm to 9 pm:
● 5:00 pm: Registration and refreshments
● 5:15 pm: A tour of Qwiklabs and GCP and getting started with Cloud Shell & gcloud
● 6:15 pm: Cloud Natural Language API: Qwik Start + Video Intelligence: Qwik Start
● 7:15 pm: Break
● 7:30 pm: Classify Images of Cloud Using Cloud ML API
● 8:15 pm: Implementing an AI Chatbot with Dialogflow
● 9:00 pm: Workshop close

At the end of this 4 hours course, participants will be able to:
● Get hands-on practice with the Google Cloud Platform’s fundamental tools and
● Understand how Qwiklabs platform works for personal practice
● You will come in with little or no prior cloud knowledge, and come out with practical
experience that you can apply to your first GCP project
● Application ​developers, Web Developers, ​Cloud ​Solutions Architects, ​DevOps
​Engineers, ​IT managers
● Individuals ​using ​Google ​Cloud ​Platform to ​create ​new ​solutions ​or ​to ​integrate
existing ​systems, application environments, ​and ​infrastructure ​with the ​Google ​Cloud
As an attendee, we recommend that you meet these prerequisites:
● Assumes little to no prior knowledge in cloud computing or with the Google Cloud
Platform. It is expected that students have an information technology or computing
background, and have some hands-on familiarity with administering computing
systems. Prior work with shell environments / command line interfaces will be helpful
for completing the labs in this series.
The trainer

Andres-Leonardo Martinez-Ortiz a.k.a almo is a member of the Google Engineering team,
leading Google Cloud Ecosystem program in Europe. Based in Zurich, he drives the success of
Google's developer products and the Open Web by creating a thriving ecosystem of
developers. He meets with experts and partners in large companies, startups, universities and
enterprises, promoting Open standards and Google technologies. He is also a member of
IEEE, ACM, Linux Foundation and Computer Society.