Learn the basics of Android Kotlin Apps (Session 2)

Are you interested in Mobile App Development? Look no further, GDG UK and Ireland is hosting Android Study Jams from July - Sept 2021 covering the basics of Android Apps with Kotlin programming language. You will get a chance to meet fellow learners, interact with experienced programmers and also develop a collection of simple apps to start your journey as an Android Developer!

Jul 22, 2021, 5:00 – 7:00 PM


Key Themes


About this event

Android Basics Study Jams will cover 10 pathways divided into 3 units

Unit 1: Kotlin Basics

1. Introduction to Kotlin
2. Create your first Android App
3. Build a basic layout
4. Add a button to an app

Unit 2: Layout

5. Get User Input in an App
6. Display a scrollable list

Unit 3: Navigation

7. Navigate between screens
8. Introduction to the Navigation Component
9. Architecture Components
10. Advanced Navigation App Examples

This is session 2 of the Android Study Jams. In session 1 we talked about Kotlin Basics and covered 3 codelabs: https://developer.android.com/courses/android-basics-kotlin/unit-1

1. Introduction to Kotlin

2. Create your first Android App

3. Build a basic layout

If you missed session 1, please feel free to finish the codelabs and bring your doubts and questions in the upcoming session. https://developer.android.com/courses/android-basics-kotlin/unit-1

Please refer to Agenda to check contents for session 2.

Equipment Needed for each person

- Laptop with Android Studio Installed
- Android device and USB cable (optional)



Thursday, July 22, 2021
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


5:00 PMIntroduction/Presentation
5:20 PMAdd a button to an app
6:10 PMGet User Input in an App (Part 1 & 2)


  • Marioara Rus


    Android Developer


  • Siddhaarth Raju



  • Gen Ashley

    TECH(K)NOW / GDG London


  • Mamata Gelanee

    GDG London


  • Fahad Ayaz

    GDG Bristol



  • Rachel Connor

    GDG Organizer

  • Simon Hewitt

    GDG Organizer

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