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Join the UK & Ireland DevParty AR / VR / MR track, as we host Jai Patel giving a talk about Cardiac AR at 7 pm (GMT+1) Tuesday the 13th of April 2021!

Apr 13, 2021, 6:00 – 8:00 PM


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Cardiac AR is a Real-Time Augmented Heart Rate monitor app. Heart rate is measured in real-time using the Particle Photon SDK. In today’s world calculating our heart rate is very easy due to wearable’s available in the market as well as an application that helps us to calculate heart rate. But the question is. Is it accurate? and it is interesting the answer is no. We can argue about the accuracy of a heart rate but it is definitely not interesting. The only way to make calculating your heart rate interesting is by adding augmented reality to it. There are many heart rate monitor applications available. But none of the apps are using augmented reality to make the application more fun and interesting. The following are some of the smart devices in the category of heart rate monitor applications. The cardiac application will make the study of the heart more interesting and it will give accurate heart rate output. There is not a single application that has integrated AR. The app will benefit medical studies.


  • Rachel Connor

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  • Yuan Zhang

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