AR/VR Technologies with guest Doug Sillars

GDG Belfast
Mon, Jun 17, 2019, 6:30 PM (BST)

About this event

We're delighted to be joined by Doug Sillars ( who will be giving us a wonderful talk on AR/VR.

“Virtual ARt Gallery: building with Augmented Reality” on how to use AR/VR technologies on the web.

Doug is is a freelance mobile performance expert, having helped thousands of developers speed up their mobile apps and websites. A Google Developer Expert and the author of O’Reilly’s “High Performance Android Apps,” Doug regularly speaks at conferences, and blogs at He is currently working as a freelance digital nomad, traveling with his family in Europe.

"The Happy Place"
The Happy Place is a VR story created by four animation students in their final year at Ulster University.

The story takes place inside a loading area where you are a beta tester for a revolutionary new app. This app allows you to experience your own personal "Happy Place" based on your preferences and memories. However when things go wrong in the loading area; things arent as happy as they seem.

@lukemcneice Innovation Lead, at Kainos Software talks gives a glimpse into what drives Kainos R&D and talking about recent Kainos Innovation projects, why immersive technology is interesting now and will be more interesting in the future.

Luke McNeice

Luke, Innovation Lead, maker, gamer and award-winning hacker works across a broad range of technologies and domains spending his time building teams, finding new tools and developing people at Kainos. Luke founded Immersive Tech NI, consults for a range of start-ups and UK government teams on Innovation, management and engineering. He also dismembers Furbies in his spare time. You’ll find him scavenging at the edge of everything on twitter:@lukemcneice

Luke Donnelly and Niall Haslam from axial3D will give a brief overview of their experience implementing mixed reality in the healthcare space. As a medical imaging company axial3D work with images and volumes in a web based client. Mixed reality seemed like a natural extension of the visualisation work they were doing. In this lightning talk they will describe the problem they were trying to address and the ability of some of the existing mixed reality tools and frameworks to address those problems.