DevFest India 2021

GDG Baroda
Oct 22 - 24, 2021, 3:30 PM (IST)

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About this event

Here is what to expect from DevFest India this year :


This year you get a Roadmap for each of the following tracks and tips on answering the most commonly asked interview questions:

In the Mobile track , you'd learn the basics of Kotlin and how to use Jetpack Compose to build effective applications using the right architecture.

In Machine learning, you’d learn how to create end-to-end pipelines, image classification using TensorFlow, Neural Networks, and how to contribute to Open Source projects.

In the Web track, you’d learn how to build an Ecommerce Website using AMP, Firebase, learn about Core Web Vitals and finally make a payment integration.

In the Cloud track, you’d learn about components of Google Cloud, Kubernetes and Data management using Google Cloud.

In the Cross platform, you’d learn the basics of Dart and Flutter, choosing the right widgets and state management practices.

Add On, you’d also get to learn how to create and maintain your GitHub repository, how to create an impressive resume and salary negotiation techniques.


The more you network, the better are the opportunities.