Innovate & Illuminate: A Tech Odyssey Through Generative Modeling, Visualization

Harbour.Space University, 9-11 Carrer de Rosa Sensat, Barcelona, 08005

Embark on a tech journey with "Innovate & Illuminate: A Tech Odyssey." Explore LLMs' impact on non-IT challenges, visualize software dilemmas, and unravel data bias in a concise, engaging exploration of innovation, visualization, and ethical tech considerations.

Feb 17, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


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About this event

Embark on a captivating journey through technology with "Innovate & Illuminate: A Tech Odyssey Through Generative Modeling, Visualization, and Data Ethics." 

Explore the omnipresence of Large Language Models (LLMs) and their transformative impact on non-IT challenges. 

Delve into the art of visualization, pondering its significance and the dilemma of whether to pay for software or rely on open source alternatives. 

Join the discourse on data, bias, and copyright in the LLMs era, unraveling the complexities of biased data and discovering techniques to mitigate data poisoning. Illuminate your tech perspective with these thought-provoking talks, promising an engaging exploration of innovation, visualization wonders, and ethical considerations in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

🎤 Radoslav Neychev

🧠 AI Researcher and Project Manager. Professor at MIPT and Harbour.Space University

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🤖 Topic: LLMs are all around us – how generative modeling is changing the landscape of the non-IT problems

Join us for a talk about the amazing world of Large Language Models (LLMs) and how these clever models are shaking things up beyond the usual tech scene. We'll explore how they're making a difference in all sorts of non-IT problems and have a friendly conversation about the cool ways generative modeling is changing the game!

About Radoslav: 

Radoslav Neychev is a data scientist with focus on Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning techniques. He has worked on a variety of research (CERN LHCb, MIPT Machine Intelligence Lab, CC RAS) and industrial projects (Yandex, RaiffeisenBank) in different domains ranging from particle identification problem to fraudulent transactions detection.

Radoslav graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, majoring in Applied Mathematics and Machine Learning. Radoslav is reading lectures and organising practical classes at Russian top-tier universities, tech companies and summer schools.

🎤 Alina Samokhina

Senior Data Analyst at Avito. Professor at Harbour.Space University

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📊 Topic: Visualize wherever you are

Visualizing software — does it matter? Should we pay for it or is open source enough? What to do if Tableau broke up with you?

About Alina: 

Alina graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, majoring in Applied Mathematics and Physics. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, with a primary focus on time series analysis related to brain signals and neurointerfaces.

Throughout her career, Alina has gained extensive experience working with diverse datasets in various companies. She has contributed to the development of neural networks for a startup specializing in VR games with neurocontrol (Neiry), as well as made valuable contributions to fraud detection efforts in a major industrial company (Avito).

🎤 Moisés Martínez

Ai & Data Lead, PhD Professor at ESADE University, Google Developers Expert on ML

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📝 Topic: Data, bias and copyright in the LLMs era

Exploring biased data and techniques in data poisoning.

About Moisés: 

I am a Ph.D. in the field of Artificial Intelligence, specializing in classical planning, machine learning and robotics systems. My Ph.D. thesis consists in extending some works on abstractions to the field of classical planning by generating abstract partial plans that provide detailed actions in the first steps of the plan. In later steps of the plan, it will only provide limited details, since the actions that are planned to be executed in the future are very unlikely to be used, given the uncertainty in plan execution. The future is always uncertain to spend a lot of time reasoning about it.

My work focuses on two main aspects. The first one consists of generating planners which can be used for planning and execution. The second one is solving real world problems (robotics, logistic, video-games) using automated planning.

🌐 Event Details:

🗓️ Date: 17 February 2024 (Saturday)

🕒 Time: 11:00

📍 Venue: Harbour.Space University, Barcelona, Carrer de Rosa Sensat, 9-11, 6th floor. 

🌐 Programme:

🕒 10:30 - Doors open, welcome drinks and snacks on the 1th floor

🕒 11:00 -  Radoslav Neychev. LLMs are all around us – how generative modeling is changing the landscape of the non-IT problems. 

🕒 11:40 -  Alina Samokhina. Visualize wherever you are.

🕒 12:30 - Moisés Martínez. Data, bias and copyright in the LLMs era. 

🕒 13:30 - Pizza & Networking

🎁 Get ready for a sweet surprise at the end of the event! Harbour.Space University is giving away one of its top-notch courses for free to one lucky participant. Dive into our three-week tech, business, and design courses – perfect for anyone interested on boosting their skills quickly and easily!

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Saturday, February 17, 2024
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM UTC


  • Moises Martinez

    Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

    PhD in AI

  • Radoslav Neichev

    MIPT, Harbour.Space University

    AI Researcher and Project Manager. Professor

  • Alina Samokhina

    Senior Data Analyst



  • Rosemarie García López

    Women Tech Makers Barcelona

  • Ekaterina Nosova

    Harbour.Space University

    GDG Organizer BCN, Product Manager


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  • Ekaterina Nosova

    Harbour.Space University

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    Android Engineer

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