Workshop on Data Analytics and Visualization using Google Colab

GDG Bangalore
Sat, Jun 8, 2019, 9:00 AM (IST)

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**Workshop on Data Analytics and Visualization using Google Colab**

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The amount of data generated in the world continues to accelerate, and with it, the opportunity to analyze this data to manage businesses better, design better products, and much more. But this raises many important questions, like how much data do we need to answer the questions we’ve posted? How do we know that the conclusions we have drawn are actually valid? How do we display these conclusions in a meaningful and useful way?

Numerical literacy, including basic proficiency in Statistics, is a must for anyone pursuing a career in data science. The goal of this workshop is to introduce some key concepts that get used repeatedly in data science applications.

Our Speaker - Usha Rengaraju

**Expert guest Speakers**
- Sujay Vittal (Standford Grad)
- Deveja (Program Coordinator @Google)

1) Overview of Statistics (1hour 15 minutes)
--Measures of Central Tendency
--Measures of Variability
--Probability Distributions
--Central Limit Theorem
--Hypothesis Testing
--Confidence levels and Significance levels

2) Case Study - 1(Hands-On)--(30 minutes)
3) Introduction to Data Visualization in Python(15 minutes)
4) Case Study -2 (Hands-on)--(30 minutes)
5) Networking session and closing

**All notebooks will be executed in Google Colab.
**Kindly bring fully charged laptops.
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