Road to IWD - Building a Career in Machine Learning & AI

Join us for an Interactive session on Building a career in machine learning & AI with delphine nyaboke - a machine learning engineer as well as a student at the Carnegie Mellon University Africa(CMU-Africa) university as she shares her experiences and tips to becoming a successful machine learning engineer.

Mar 15, 4:00 – 5:00 PM


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About this event

This will be the second event of the #RoadToIWD series of events aimed at exploring key tech areas like web development, mobile app development, design, and machine learning happening every Friday.

The goal? To prep you for the grand day on April 13th, our International Women’s Day event! 💪🏾 Our diverse lineup of female experts will share insights, knowledge, and answer your burning questions 🎙️

This series is for everyone, regardless of skill level or gender.🌍 So gentlemen, you’re more than welcome too! Let’s grow together in the world of tech 💻🚀

delphine will share her journey, her experiences, as well as tips and tricks on becoming a successful ML & AI engineer in this current industry where AI is very trendy.

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NB: The #RoadToIWD event series is NOT exclusively for women. Men too can attend


  • delphine nyaboke

    Carnegie Mellon University Africa

    Machine Learning Engineer


  • Ida Delphine

    Women Techmakers

    WTM Ambassador


  • Noella Mbongeya

    MBY logistic company

    WTM Ambassador

  • Ida Delphine

    GDG Organizer

  • Nangah Amandine

    University of Bamenda

    GDG Co-organizer

  • Alouzeh Mahbuh


    GDG Co-Organizer

  • Nui Lewis

    Graphic Designer

  • Agien Petra

    GDG Co-organizer

  • Enjeck Cleopatra

    WTM Organizer

  • Ghany Elisha

    Graphic Designer

  • Lamfu Marie-claire


  • Lum Peplah


  • Lamfu Marie-claire


  • Lum Anicho


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