Elevating Flutter Apps with Google Gemini: A Multimodal AI Revolution

This session explores how integrating Gemini's multimodal AI platform enhances Flutter applications, enabling advanced features and integrating AI to you flutter app. This integration revolutionizes user experiences, making apps more engaging and intelligent.

Apr 5, 4:00 – 5:00 PM


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"Elevating Flutter Apps with Google Gemini: A Multimodal AI Revolution" explores the integration of Google's Gemini, a multimodal AI platform, into Flutter applications. This integration revolutionizes app development by enabling developers to incorporate advanced AI capabilities seamlessly. The session discusses how Gemini empowers Flutter apps with so many features.


  • Stephanie Nkwatoh

    GDG Organizer

  • che Manka'a

    Surs X

    WTM Co-organizer

  • Ndze Regina

    NK Digital Agency

    GDG Co-organizer

  • Steve Yonkeu

    Batazia, Surs Exchange

    Web Developer and Data Scientist


    GDG Co-organizer

  • Hawawou Oumarou

    WTM Co-Organizer

  • Ndongmo Christian

    GDSC Bamenda Lead

    Software Developer

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