"Our Time To Lead"

GDG Baltimore
Sat, Apr 9, 2016, 11:00 AM (EDT)

About this event

"Our Time To Lead" a Women's Day celebration

11.00 am Registration

11.30 am Opening 

11.45 am Keynote Speaker 

Emily Rasowsky, Founder and CEO of All Women in Tech and Director of Marketing Strategy for Social Driver 

Hacking the Definition of 'Women in Tech' 

Have you Googled 'Women in Tech' lately? The results you get aren't so great. We all know this. We've heard this hundreds of time. So why aren't we seeing more movement? Why do we still fall short, even when we try our damnedest to be inclusive. This talk will begin to challenge our definition of 'women in tech' and begin to unpack where we all hold unconscious biases that lead to lack of diversity. We will look at not just the statistics around women in tech but what we can all do to help improve diversity and inclusion of other women at every level of the 'tech world'.  You'll walk away with clear steps on how you can personally move the meter around making a difference for all women in tech.  

12.30 pm Lunch

01.00 pm Network interactive

Mingle Magic

Four Best Practices to Achieving your Goals Through Networking ~ Join us for this hands on, information rich workshop where we will explore and practice the essentials of effective networking.  From a "pre game" plan to your post event follow up these tools are guaranteed to put you on the path to success, providing you with the magic you need to mingle with the best of them!


2.00 Panel

Questions and Answers 

"So you want to work here ?"

Leslie Albrecht Director of Operations Social Driver

Paris Pittman Program Manager, Communities

2.30 or 2.45 closing /networking