Mobile Site Study Jams Roadshow - Saint Louis University

GDG Baguio
Thu, Apr 5, 2018, 10:00 AM (PST)

About this event

β€’ What we'll do
Mobile Site Study Jams is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate the understanding of basic and advanced aspects of mobile website design and development. The Mobile Sites Certification takes around half a day.

During this event, our Facilitators will guide and teach you the concepts. After the lessons, participants will take the FREE CERTIFICATION EXAM from Google. Participants that complete the exam will receive a printable Google certificate to verify status as a certified mobile sites professional.

β€’ Important to know
This event is exclusive to Saint Louis University students only.


  • Vanessa May Orpilla

    Vanessa May Orpilla

    Texas Instruments

    Community Lead

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  • Janine Fernandez

    Janine Fernandez

    Wipro Limited Philippines

    Project Engineer

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  • Nelcriz Laganas

    Nelcriz Laganas

    WIPRO LimitedPhilippines

    Project Engineer

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  • Kimberly De Guzman

    Kimberly De Guzman

    WTM Ambasador

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  • Jezelle Oliva

    Jezelle Oliva


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  • Karl Lester Napadao

    Karl Lester Napadao

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