Halide and Android, Firebase Testing and The News

GDG Auckland
Wed, Nov 24, 2021, 6:30 PM (NZDT)

About this event

We're excited to invite you to another GDG Auckland Event to kick off in November. 🤞 We will touch on Android, Firebase and our well known News section.

We are fortunate to have Dr Martin Johnson (PhD, BSc(H)) a senior lecturer from Massey University in Albany, who will be speaking about Halide, a domain-specific functional language that produces highly efficient, parallel and vectorized code for a wide variety of architectures (used extensively by Google and Adobe). He'll show us how to write code in Halide, what it is best used for, and how to integrate Halide code into an Android app. Some of his research uses Halide for computational photography and he replaced 20,000 lines of hand written assembly language in a library with 200 lines of Halide which is 20% faster!

Julius will be providing a tour of local Firebase emulators and testing. If you are creating applications with rules for data and endpoints, creating some tests will provide some piece of mind to your development.

The News is brought to you by Nic Tolentino who will be touching on all those bits and pieces that have gone on, hardware, software, rumors, it has it all!


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