WOMEN TECHMAKERS: MVP (Model-View-Presenter), examples in Angular + Typescript

GDG Atlanta
Wed, Jan 23, 2019, 7:00 PM (EST)

About this event

At northhighland, when working in large codebases we often encounter code scalability issues. We've decided to give the Model-View-Presenter pattern a try, as a way to organize our code and create a cleaner separation of concerns within our codebase. In particular, we think this model allows us to take high policy (business logic) components and keep them void of any framework or service code.

In this talk, I'll demonstrate the definition and architecture of the MVP model, and then go through some examples that show it's usefulness (for example, testability).

About Bryan Oliver
Bryan is a Solutions Architect, Technology leader, and OSS contributor with a strong focus in Mobile and JavaScript. He leads dev teams and designs architecture stuff at North Highland. When he's not working he's playing ice hockey in the Atlanta adult league, reading yet another programming book, or playing Rocket League. Follow him on Twitter, @olivercodes.