Tilt Brush and Google VR

GDG Atlanta
Tue, Nov 21, 2017, 6:30 PM (EST)

About this event

With the intention of fast forwarding VR development and expanding the Metaverse, Google VR has released an awesome set of tools to make Virtual Reality experience creation easier than ever before, even for non-Developers. 

Artist Kris Pilcher will be discussing the Google VR ecosystem including Tilt Brush, Blocks, Poly, and ARcore and how he uses these tools as a new medium for creating immersive art experiences for the Oculus rift room scale and mobile platforms.

This talk / demo will touch on tips and techniques, integration with the Unity game engine, and Kris will showcase a few of the creations he's made in Google VR.

Kris's artist statement:
My work deals with social awareness through the use of ideas and imagery drawn from science fiction, spiritual teachings, street art, and theatrical philosophies. I incorporate numerous technologies and mediums to create installations, two dimensional work, and performances that are conceptualized for a society that exists in two realities, a physical world and an increasingly digital existence. 

I am interested in emerging forms of altered existences that are currently being created through our rapidly advancing technology and how these new realities affect our cognition and interaction with the normality of physical existence. I believe that mankind is on a precipice of technological evolution and I find it interesting to be able to experience and explore this transition. 

My work has been featured by Google VR, Forecast Public Art, Redbull.TV, and shown at galleries throughout the world. I am the CVO of Dream Collection Agency, Art Director at Lifevision VR, and I’ve had numerous front page Reddit posts.