Double Header - Intro To Android Things and Tensorflow

GDG Atlanta
Tue, Jul 18, 2017, 6:30 PM (EDT)

About this event

Our initial presentation Vendor Neutral Serverless Apps in Python / Zappa needed to be postponed.  In it's place We we will have a double header on Android Things and Tensorflow.

Having Fun with Android Things 

You know how to develop Android applications. But, you’re new to this IoT thing, so let’s have some fun leveling up. We’ll start with an overview of Android Things and where it fits into the IoT landscape. Next, we’ll connect to a device, introduce multi-color LEDs and small displays to show you how to use it to paint color. Along the way, we’ll play with the fluffy Google Cloud, add Google Assistant, and perhaps even a few sensors. By the end, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to get started, as well as new ideas for fun projects to help you on your Android Things journey!

About the Speaker

A computer nut since childhood, Lance Gleason is the founder and CEO of Polyglot Programming LLC, a consultancy focusing on native Android, IoT, and wearable software development. Lance previously worked as a Java developer and architect for Kodak, CNN, and GE. He regularly speaks about Ruby, wearables, and Google technologies at conferences worldwide and is the co-organizer of the Atlanta Google Developer Group, Atlanta GDG DevFest, Atlanta Sensors and Startups Meetup, Ruby DCamp ZA, and Rubyfuza, the only Ruby conference in Africa. He is known to practice interspecies pair (purr) programming with his orange tabby, Allie, and when he’s not writing code, Lance may be found diving with sharks, trekking through Chernobyl, sampling wine, cheering on the Springboks, or perfecting his biltong recipe.

Intro to Tensorflow

A introduction to Tensorflow. 

Lately, it seems that all of tech is abuzz about machine learning and AI. But, for many of us, just thinking about tensors and neural networks makes us tense, because it seems so mathematical. In this talk, we’ll take a look at Google’s TensorFlow and introduce machine learning in a straightforward and easy-to-understand way.  


Marlene Jaeckel fell in love with software development during her first year at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, even though she was actually a business major. After moving to California in 2001, she worked on web applications and database systems until she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of a career in medicine. Along the way, however, she realized that her true passion lies in connecting technology and healthcare, which is why she now loves to work with wearables, sensors, and smart devices as a member of the mobile development team at Polyglot Programming. When she’s not coding, she’s often found in craft stores, doing genealogy research, or explaining the origins of her accent. (Hint: She’s so German that she loves both Hasselhoff and Heino.)


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