Build our first Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) web application

GDG Athlone
Tue, Sep 17, 2019, 6:00 PM (IST)

About this event

Bring your laptop, we will code!!

This months second meetup is one for the web dev's, front-end designers and general enthusiasts; it will be lead by Fellyph Cintra.

Fellyph Cintra is a Solutions Engineer at Deloitte Digital and a Google Developer Expert (Web Technologies)

Fellyph describes himself as a Front-end engineer addicted learner, team worker and passionate about funny socks.

His strongest skill is client-side front-end development. Moreover, his main domains are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SASS, Compass, AngularJS and React. On server-side, I usually code in Java and PHP. He also uses GIT for version control, GruntJS and WebPack to automate tasks and tests with Ruby(RSpec) and Jenkins. He has a bachelors degree in Information Systems.
The workshop:

The result of our workshop we are going to build our first AMP web application with interactive components.

This workshop is focused on web development with AMP, Our initial application is a recipe website, we will convert an HTML application in an interactive AMP application, if you never used AMP before don't worry, at this workshop, we are going to start from the basics to an intermediate level.

Primally we will understand why we should use AMP and what are key points from the platform. Later we are going to do some hands-on, It means if possible bring your laptop to follow the excises, we will see the steps necessary to convert a regular HTML page in an AMP page and understand and use AMP components.

Why Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?
Starting our journey
Validation and AMP Cache
Exercise 1: Using AMP Validator
The anatomy of an AMP Page
Exercise 2: Converting our HTML Solution
Web Components
Exercise 3: First Components <amp-img>
Exercise 4: Embedding Video
Exercise 5: Creating an image SlideShow
Exercise 6: Adding Sharing Links
Exercise 7: Building a slide menu
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