My Journey into Kotlin

GDG Columbus Android
Tue, Jan 23, 2018, 6:00 PM (EST)

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Abstract: This talk reviews the materials and tools that I have used while exploring Kotin. Prior to the spring of 2017 and Google IO I was not aware of the Kotlin language. The Kotlin Koans was the first Kotlin tutorial that I found truly valuable, Also, the “Kotlin in Action” book by Dmitry Jemerov and Svetlana Isakova has been extremely helpful in learning both the general concepts and the philosophy of the Kotlin language. IntelliJ IDEA has been very critical for the Journey, in that it makes setting up or opening an existing project quick. So that I can focus on learning and not the internals of the IDE. Finally the community has been very welcoming and as a new comer this is really encouraging.

Bio: My name if Frank McAuley and I’m a tech lead for a mobile development team at Alliance Data Systems Card Division. I’m married with two kids. I aspire to someday be as boss as Michael Yotive in the Crossfit gym and possible coding.

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