Kotlin: Under the Hood

GDG Columbus Android
Tue, Sep 26, 2017, 6:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

This month we'll have the talented Mr. Yotive here to talk about Kotlin Under the Hood.  We'll also have another Intellij Ultimate License to raffle off! 


Kotlin is a great JVM language that affords a lot of modern programming concepts that either weren't available or faked for older versions of Java.

But how does Kotlin compiler make this happen? In this talk, we'll explore Kotlin at a lower level. We'll take a look at the class file which gets generated from the Kotlin compiler and explore what happens when it gets decompiled back to Java. Along the way, we'll talk about some of the hidden costs of Kotlin and how it might impact platforms such as Android.

About the speaker:

Michael Yotive is a software developer at Healthy Roster. He has been programming all around Columbus, OH for the past decade. Though primarily in the .NET world, he has spent the last couple years writing and talking about Android.  When he's not programming, writing, or speaking, he can be found at a music venue or tormenting himself at a CrossFit gym.


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